Tom Zagul Loss Adjusters

Area of Expertise

  • Fire damage, including structural damage

  • Floods and water damage, including the use of advanced desiccation technologies

  • Natural disasters, including extreme weather conditions and storms

  • Burglaries and robberies, including consulting on preventive measures and defense against reocurrence 

  • Construction work, including infrastructure and reconstruction projects

  • Loss of revenue and business disruption

  • Industrial losses, including mechanical breakdown and damaged goods

  • Environmental contamination, including soil decontamination

  • Electronics and cyber equipment

  • Liabilities, including professional indemnities and product liability, recall and contractual relationship

  • Personal property

Tom Zagul Loss Adjusters

Damage estimation

Tom Zagul Loss Adjusters

Value estimation

  • Value estimation for companies to determine insurance cost

  • Value estimation for acquisition / merger / liquidation purposes

  • Surveying properties on behalf of insurers for determining insurance coverage – fire protection, mechanical and/or electromechanical malfunction and contractors

  • Risk evaluation – for industries and commerce, prior to policy drafting

Tom Zagul Loss Adjusters